A library for dynamic display and control of java.util.logging configuration. It is easily incorporated into any swing app. Available as a plugin for Apache NetBeans.

This app's development is hosted by Heptapod Heptapod and is made possible through the support of Octobus and the clever cloud hosting company clever cloud . They all have my appreciation and thanks.


Here's the The jLogMan Wiki documentation (converted to html, thanks to pandoc and sed). It describes how to use jLogMan and how to incorporate it into your apps.

Project Info

See jLogMan project for source code, wiki and reporting issues.

Maven Artifacts

Take a look at Main.java in logman-demo for an example of setting up jLogMan in an application.

The groupid is com.raelity.logman

logman-parent Source root directory has parent pom. General info for project.
logman-lib This is typically used in an application; it is the only dependency needed. This includes logman-core, logman-demo, and simple-val-fix. In addition, the simple-validation library and the outline swing component is packaged in the jar. Using this artifact's jar you can run the demo with

java -jar logman-lib-2.2.jar

logman-core The code
simple-val-fix Trivial fix for 1.14 release of simple-validation
logman-demo If you get the source, in the logman-demo directory you can run the demo with

mvn package; mvn exec:java

Look at Main.java for setting up jLogMan.

logman-netbeans Source code and packaging to create an nbm for use in Apache NetBeans.

Apache NetBeans Plugin

The Apache NetBeans plugin is at xxx.